Sunday, April 11, 2010

Metaswitch Enables MPLS-TP Control Planes

Metaswitch Networks introduced a portable software solution for MPLS Transport Profile (MPLS-TP) control planes in next-gen networking equipment.

MPLS-TP has been developed to provide the same QoS, protection and restoration, and OAM that is inherent in SONET/SDH and in a way that has a familiar look and feel for network operators.

Metaswitch's DC-MPLS network protocol software provides the foundation for MPLS-TP, including features such as static and dynamic Ethernet pseudowires, pseudowire redundancy and end-to-end-recovery, plus GMPLS signaling for use as an MPLS-TP control plane. The company said system vendors can begin to roll out MPLS-TP control plane with a simple upgrade to its DC-MPLS protocol solution.

"DC-MPLS is widely deployed and has demonstrated proven interoperability and scalability in the field," said Jon Berger, Director of MPLS Product Development in Metaswitch's Network Protocols Division. "We are closely involved in the MPLS-TP standards process within the IETF and our DC-MPLS GMPLS implementation already supports the necessary features for an MPLS-TP capable control plane. We are adding further enhancements to meet evolving MPLS-TP standards, to allow our customers to deliver MPLS-TP capable devices at the earliest opportunity."http://www.metaswitch.comhttp://


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