Sunday, April 25, 2010

Cyan Offers Multi-Layer Network Management with 3D Heat Maps

Cyan, a start-up offering multi-layer optical transport system, introduced new tools for improving network planning, operations, performance and revenue opportunities.

CyMS Release 2.3 features three-dimensional "heat maps" which indicate changing network conditions before services are impacted. The three-dimensional representation indicates alarms, configuration-errors, congestion, and even capacity utilization.

Cyan's multi-layer transport platforms modularly combine packet, TDM and optical add / drop multiplexer, cross-connect and transport functionality. The systems can be configured as basic 10G Ethernet, SONET or SDH edge aggregation and add/drop multiplexer systems or modularly scaled when and where needed to enable DWDM with highly advanced multi-layer packet, TDM and optical switching, aggregation and multiplexing both within and between technologies and network layers.

The company said a key advantage of its technology is the ability to provide an integrated and operationally unified view of the multiple virtual layers which comprise the complete network. Scalable networks are fundamentally multi-layer in nature. Each network is comprised of fibers, often located in conduits. Each fiber carries one or more wavelengths and multiple layers of aggregation and transport services operate over each wavelength to deliver a variety of voice, video and data services. Historically, these multiple network layers have been planned, implemented and operated as independent layers.

Release 2.3 of Cyan's multi-layer network management systems goes beyond three-dimensional displays of the various technology layers to provide visual indications of network locations and layers that may be experiencing varying forms of degradation or resource utilization that warrant operator action.

Proactively, the CyMS with multi-layer heat maps provide operators with a visual indication of various network parameters such as capacity utilization of a given service or technology layer at various nodes and spans.

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