Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Cisco Highlights its Progress in Cloud Services

Cisco highlighted its progress so far in cloud-based networking services. The company currently operates more than 30 global data centers and claims to have delivered more than seven consecutive years of near 100 percent uptime for its customers.

Cisco said its traffic to its cloud security solutions continue to grow rapidly. Every day, these services are currently handling 2.8 billion reputation look-ups, 2.5 billion Web requests and the detection of more than 250 billion spam messages. The Cisco IronPort Anti-Spam solution is in more than 235 million seats with organizations all over the world. These solutions are supported by automated intelligence and by 100 engineers dedicated to ensuring that Cisco cloud security is there to fortify customer networks.

In addition, Cisco introduced the following cloud-based services:

Cloud-based Cisco IronPort Email Data Loss Prevention and Encryption -- Cisco's cloud e-mail data-loss prevention solution utilizes the power of Cisco Cloud Security Services to help protect outbound e-mail in the cloud, helping enable customers to meet compliance requirements. The service is aimed enterprises that require high levels of protection of their sensitive data but do not want to manage the infrastructure themselves. Additionally, it provides customers with hosted mailboxes as well as the advantage of regulating compliance and acceptable-use policies. Cisco said its solution offers more than 100 predefined policies related to global compliance, regulatory compliance, regional laws, intellectual property protection and acceptable use.

Cisco ScanSafe Web Intelligence Reporting -- WIRe is a business intelligence platform developed by ScanSafe, which was acquired by Cisco in December 2009. WIRe gives enterprises insight into how their Web resources are being used, focusing on ensuring that business-critical applications are not being affected by non-business-related traffic. In a matter of seconds, WIRe can deliver detailed user-level information and provide extensive information about Web communications activities. More than 80 predefined reports are available, and WIRe enables activities to be reported and filtered by 87 different attributes, including search terms and employee bandwidth usage over time. By clearly seeing the types of traffic coming into and exiting the network, enterprises can have a high degree of confidence that their corporate information is highly secure and that all malware and inappropriate content has been blocked.

  • In December 2009, Cisco agreed to acquire privately held ScanSafe, a provider of software-as- a-service (SaaS) Web security solutions, approximately $183 million in cash and retention-based incentives. Based in London and San Francisco, ScanSafe offers Web security via a SaaS model. Its Web Security offering combines Web filtering with a proprietary "Outbreak Intelligence" engine that uses dynamic, reputation and behavior based analysis to identify and block zero-day threats. Its Web Filtering service enables customers to define what content is permitted to enter their network, as well as what information can leave. ScanSafe also provides an inbound and outbound email filtering and security service.