Thursday, March 4, 2010

ZTE Picks Siverge Networks' Chip for Multi-Service Access

ZTE has selected Siverge Networks' flagship "Griffin" chip for use in multi-service and wireless backhauling products.

The Griffin family of chip solutions collapses multiple systems into a single multi-service card, performing transport and aggregation functions needed to create a bridge between legacy systems and new services and networks.

In addition, Siverge Networks recently unveiled a low-cost, high-performance Universal Gateway solution for mobile backhauling infrastructure and evolving Carrier networks. The new offering, known as the "SivGate" extends the Griffin family of products, enabling cost-efficient multi-service transport and aggregation solutions -- starting with low-end wireless cell site collocation and aggregation, up to high speed complete multi-service gateway for the Access and Core. Siverge's SivGate is compliant with required physical interfaces (Ethernet, PDH, SONET/SDH), as well as complete set of associated Layer 2 data and bundling protocols (i.e. ATM/IMA and HDLC/MLPPP) along with CES and PWE3, QoS and TM. Siverge said its SivGate solutions could be used in linecards designed to fit any existing or new network equipment.


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