Wednesday, March 10, 2010

ZTE Completes First 14.7 Mbps EV-DO Rev.B Data Call

ZTE has completed the first EV-DO Rev.B Phase II data call with a download rate of 14.7 Mbps.

ZTE, which introduced the world's first 9.3Mbps EV-DO Rev.B Phase I system last year, is now the first in the industry to introduce EV-DO Rev.B Phase II technology.

EV-DO Rev.B technology enhances spectrum efficiency to extend mobile talk-time by approximately 30 percent and effectively prolong standby time. A new baseband chip is also adopted in the Rev.B Phase II system. By introducing 64QAM high-order modulation technology, it supports a single carrier frequency with a downlink speed of 4.9 Mbps and with 3-carrier frequency bundling technology, it achieves a peak rate of 14.7 Mbps.

Upgrading from a 9.3 Mbps Phase I networks to a 14.7 Mbps network requires only a baseband channel board replacement and a software upgrade.

ZTE listed a number of global operators that have launched EV-DO Rev.B networks, including China Telecom, WANA, Smart Telecom and PTCL.

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