Sunday, March 28, 2010

XO Launches 40 Gbps Services Nationwide

XO Communications announced the availability of 40 Gbps network services in all its major metropolitan markets across the U.S. The service is targeted at enterprises such as large financial institutions and service providers are increasingly looking for more cost-effective, higher speed network connectivity options to manage larger volumes of network traffic and achieve ultra-low latency for applications.

The new XO 40 Gbps network offerings include:

  • 40 Gbps Wavelength services: Allow customers to use a single 40 Gbps link for ultra high-bandwidth network connections between two locations and provides operational benefits of managing one link instead of purchasing multiple 10 Gbps links.

  • 40 Gbps IP Transit services: Allow customers to aggregate large volumes of Internet traffic over a single connection and not have to manage multiple dedicated Internet access circuits.

"We are continually investing in our network to offer customers the highest levels of capacity, speed and performance they require today and be prepared for their network needs of tomorrow," said Randy Nicklas, chief technology officer at XO Communications. "These new high-speed, low latency network offerings enable customers with mission-critical applications to achieve their strategic business objectives to increase revenue in the most cost-effective manner possible."