Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Ubiquisys and Public Wireless Announce 3G Metro Femtocell

Public Wireless, which specializes in wireless siting solutions, and Ubiquisys announced the commercial availability of the Public Wireless Colo-Node HSPA, the first metro femtocell solution specifically designed for outdoor hotspot locations.

An HSPA metro femtocell is a new class of device that provides a targeted, low-cost solution that provides seamless capacity relief for increasingly congested macro networks. It backhauls over the IP infrastructure already deployed -- typically cable or DSL. A single Colo-Node HSPA metro femtocell provides a range of up to 2km at pedestrian and vehicular speeds.

Each Colo-Node HSPA unit contains up to four Ubiquisys femtocell modules, each with 16 calls / 14.4Mbps HSPA data capacity. The modules are powered by Ubiquisys Femto-Engine software, which ensures adaptive compatibility with the macro network and provides handover with other femtocells and the macro network for service continuity. If the macro is replanned, the metro femto immediately adapts according to operator policies.