Monday, March 22, 2010

Tellabs Debuts Smart GGSN for 3G/4G

Tellabs introduced a "Smart" GGSN (gateway GPRS support node) based on its SmartCore 9100 Platform and designed for 3G and 4G networks.

The Tellabs Smart GGSN adds intelligence and analytics to improve network control for mobile carriers. This includes capabilities to prioritize critical traffic and to create a two-sided revenue model by monetizing off-portal services and content.

In addition, the platform can run 3G GGSN and 4G packet core applications concurrently. A software upgrade enables the transition from 3G GGSNs to an evolved 4G packet core.

"User demand for mobile Internet is rising daily. We help operators succeed by empowering their 3G networks to handle a deluge of data while dramatically reducing costs," said Rehan Jalil, senior vice president, mobile Internet at Tellabs. "Tellabs Smart GGSN handles 4G-sized data flows in 3G networks, while enabling a smooth migration from 3G to an evolved, distributed 4G packet core."http://www.tellabs.comhttp://

  • In October 2009, Tellabs agreed to acquire WiChorus, a start-up offering a mobile packet core platform for $165 million in net cash. WiChorus' platform, which has been selected by Clearwire for deployment in its WiMAX network, provides subscriber management on a per application, per subscriber, per flow basis at line rate. WiChorus also provides advanced charging features, enables operators to adopt new business models that leverage Internet-based services. At the time, the WiChorus HSPA GGSN was in trials with mobile operators.

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