Sunday, March 14, 2010

Ruckus Wireless Introduces Sub-$500 Enterprise-class 802.11n AP

Ruckus Wireless introduced its new "ZoneFlex" 7300 series of midrange access points -- an enterprise-class 802.11n access point that includes both single-band (7343) and dual band (7363) products, priced at US $499 and $599 respectively.

The single-band version offer maximum 802.11n capacity of 300Mbps, while the dual-band offers 600 Mbps. Both versions integrate the company's BeamFlex technology, a patented software-controlled multi-antenna array that forms and directs Wi-Fi signals over the best performing signal paths in real time, on a per packet basis. As RF environments change, Ruckus ZoneFlex APs are able to automatically select better signal paths to increase performance and minimize packet loss, thereby ensuring good, consistent user experience. In contrast, access points with omni-directional antennas have difficulty coping with obstacles and interference and must resort to dropping their data rate. This degrades performance for all users sharing an access point.

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