Sunday, March 21, 2010

OIF Approves 100G Transmitter Implementation Agreement

The Optical Internetworking Forum (OIF) approved an implementation agreement (IA) for the 100G Integrated Polarization Multiplexed (PM) Quadrature Modulated Transmitter.

The implementation agreement supports DP-QPSK as a modulation format as specified in the OIF's 100G Framework Document and also specifies operating rates up to 32GBd. However, the IA strives to remain modulation format and data rate agnostic to maximize applicability to other future applications.

"The transmitter IA is the first project completed from the Framework Document that defines one of the most complex components of the 100G DWDM transmission system," said Karl Gass of Sandia National Labs and the OIF's Physical Link and Layer Working Group vice chair. "The member companies are working together at this early stage in order to accelerate the adoption of 100G technology by defining common building blocks."

Other 100G projects outlined in the 100G Framework Document include an Integrated Photonics Receiver, a Transponder-Electromechanical MSA and a Forward Error Correction project.

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