Monday, March 15, 2010

Netflix Picks Akamai for CDN -- Triple Digit Traffic Growth as Videos Move to HD

Netflix has selected Akamai as the primary content delivery network for movies and TV episodes streamed instantly over the Internet. The companies noted that already almost half of the 12.3 million Netflix members had instantly watched a movie or TV episode on either a computer or TV via a Netflix ready device as of the end of 2009..
Separately, Akamai reported that traffic across its global network associated with the delivery of full-length feature films has seen triple digit growth since November 2009. In addition to Netflix, EPIX and Roxio CinemaNow are also delivering HD quality movies on Akamai's distributed edge delivery network.

Akamai's global content delivery network currently exceeds 61,000 servers. A key feature of the Akamai HD Network is adaptive bit rate technology that automatically adapts to a user's fluctuating Internet conditions to enable smooth playback and improved viewing experiences.