Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Motorola Focuses its LTE Self-Organizing Network (SON)

Motorola's SON solution offers revolutionary approach for OPEX, designed to avoid and reduce operating costs by simplifying the management of the LTE network.

Motorola announced several improvements to its LTE self-organizing network (SON) solution that enables greater network optimization. The company said its aim is to help operators reduce expenses from day 1 of their LTE network by leveraging advanced algorithms to optimize network resources.

Motorola's SON is a 3GPP Release 8 standards-compliant solution that draws upon the company's research in network autonomics. The solution automates previously manual steps involved in planning, deploying, optimizing and operating the network - hence reducing or eliminating the need for new operation and management resources that typically are required to manage an additional network technology (2G, 3G, plus LTE).

"In this next release, we are leveraging our heritage in radio frequency, OFDM expertise, cell designing and optimization techniques gleaned from years of real-world experience with public safety networks to offer more features and functionality, providing even greater network optimization and savings," said Fred Gabbard, vice president, Motorola Networks.


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