Sunday, March 7, 2010

Magor Debuts Single Screen, Single Camera 1080p Video Collaboration

Magor Communications, a start-up based in Ottawa, introduced a single screen, single camera high definition (HD) 1080p video conferencing and collaboration system that forms part its Magor TeleCollaboration HDWorkPlace family.

Magor's system offers advanced data collaboration capabilities in a peer-to-peer 1080p high definition video conferencing experience. Its technology leverages video scaling principles based on segmentation and adaptation to deliver 1080p over best-effort, peer-to-peer IP connections at bit rates as low as 2.2 Mbps. The codec-agnostic system can adapt the video encoding in real time to match changing network loads. Because it is peer-to-peer that is not a single point-of-failure, unlike MCU-based video conferencing architectures. Magor's segmentation process partitions the video into a set of regions or segments based on the characteristics of the video content. It then applies a separate codec to each segment with appropriate encoding for motion and detail. When bandwidth becomes constrained due to congestion, or expands as congestion dissipates, the video stream is dynamically scaled in real time to seamlessly optimize the key areas of the picture.

The new HDSolo incorporates the full functionality of Release 3 of Magor's HDWorkPlace family, including a unique MyView filmstrip capability. Users of HDSolo can customize their screen view, moving and sizing windows for various call participants and collaboration materials in real time. They can also -- without the distraction of PTZ cameras -- pan and zoom in on images as well as non-computer-based materials such as whiteboards, flip charts and physical objects, to best meet their individual preferences and work needs.