Sunday, March 28, 2010

IBM Wins Outsourcing Contract for NZ's TelstraClear

IBM has been awarded a three-year contract by TelstraClear, a voice and data company in New Zealand, to manage critical maintenance and support services for the carrier's Next IP Network. IBM will also provide TelstraClear with architectural leadership, regression testing capabilities and quality assurance around implementations of new services and equipment.

TelstraClear will continue to manage maintenance and support for basic issues and faults relating to its 5,300 miles of fiber cable in New Zealand. IBM will leverage its global expertise to help resolve situations where detailed troubleshooting and analysis methods are required.

IBM currently provides similar services to TelstraClear's parent company in Australia, Telstra Corporation. The support model being implemented locally will ensure strategic alignment between TelstraClear and Telstra Corporation and deliver immediate financial and operational benefits for TelstraClear.

"TelstraClear's Next IP Network is a core piece of infrastructure for us and key to the successful operation of our business. We are pleased to be able to access the expertise and global capability of a company like IBM to help us to keep it running at optimal performance," said Andrew Crabb, TelstraClear's Head of Networks and Services.