Thursday, March 18, 2010

GoAhead Adopts Open Source Business Model, Acquires Emerson's Avantellis

GoAhead Software, which specializes in high availability middleware for network equipment and defense applications, is shifting its business model and technology strategy from its proprietary SAFfire product to an open source software model.

GoAhead, which claims the market share leader in commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) high availability software, cited several reasons for its strategic shift to open source:

  • The maturity and stability of the OpenSAF software distribution, especially the upcoming 4.0 release

  • The continued support of the OpenSAF Foundation by key industry players such as Ericsson, Emerson, HP, Wind River and Huawei

  • The inclusion of OpenSAF in commercial deployments by industry leaders such as Ericsson

In conjunction with the move to open source, GoAhead is formally announcing that it is joining the OpenSAF foundation. GoAhead will be contributing key components of its SAFfire middleware to OpenSAF and company President Asif Naseem will be joining the OpenSAF foundation as a board member.

GoAhead also announced its acquisition of Avantellis from Emerson Network Power. The deal includes all Avantellis staff and key intellectual property, which centers on test cases, verification tools, documentation and management processes. Financial terms were not disclosed. Emerson Network Power will also become a global GoAhead reseller.

"The adoption of open source by industry leaders combined with the rapid maturing of OpenSAF technology makes the timing of this decision ideal for our company," said Asif Naseem, President and COO of GoAhead Software. "We look forward to contributing our breadth of experience in high availability software to this vibrant community. GoAhead's acquisition of Emerson Network Power's Avantellis team, representing many of the original developers of OpenSAF, creates an un-matched level of capability at GoAhead and enables us to continue our tradition of world-class expertise in delivering standards-based software solutions."
  • Last month, GoAhead Software announced the acquisition of the embeddedMIND business of S3. The deal includes all IP and staff associated with embeddedMIND business. Financial terms were not disclosed. embeddedMIND, which is based in Poland, develops configuration management software for network equipment manufacturers.

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