Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Fanfare Launches iTest App Store

Fanfare, which specializes in test automation solutions for service providers (SPs), network equipment manufacturers (NEMs), and enterprises, launched an "iTest App Store", featuring free iTest applications and test assets that can be leveraged by iTest users and testers. The iTest App Store adds new capabilities as well as eliminates the need to re-create test assets, increasing productivity and accelerating the overall time to market.

The iTest App Store is a new extension of the Fanfare Community, an online forum and learning center for testers and developers in the communications industry to share best practices and discuss challenges related to device and network testing. By leveraging the Fanfare Community across thousands of iTest customers and partners, the iTest App Store provides a number of add-on applications and test assets for users to access.

The iTest assets provide customers with a starting set of test assets, including test cases, response maps, and session profiles, that eliminate the need to re-create already-existing test assets. The results are quicker time to automation, enhanced productivity, and accelerated time to market.

The iTest App Store currently features assets for Cisco, Juniper Networks, Linux, and Spirent devices and includes contributions from Spirent. Additional content will be provided on a regular basis from Fanfare's customers and partners.