Wednesday, March 17, 2010

CoreOptics and EXFO Demo 40G on CP-QPSK Transponder

CoreOptics and EXFO will jointly demonstrate the interworking of a 40G coherent transponder module from CoreOptics and EXFO's FTB-8140 Transport Blazer test module. This live demonstration achieves 40G error-free traffic on a next-generation multihaul DWDM line card, using EXFO's 40G Transport Blazer client-side test module with CoreOptics' 40G CP-QPSK line-side transponder, which includes advanced dual polarization, DQPSK modulation and coherent detection with digital signal processing (DSP) technologies.

The live demo will comprise a test setup of EXFO's FTB-8140 Transport Blazer (40G/43G) generating an OC-768/STM-256 signal with PRBS (pseudo-random bit stream) test patterns into a next-generation multihaul DWDM platform's line card with its integrated client 40G VSR module, FEC ASIC and line-side 40G CP-QPSK DWDM module. The transmitted output from the CoreOptics module will connect to a line system with EDFAs and 2000 km of singlemode fiber, back to the receiver end.

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