Sunday, March 28, 2010

Codenomicon Transforms its Analyzer into Network Time Machine

Codenomicon introduced new capabilities that enable its Network Analyzer to record test behavior and automatically visualize network traffic, thereby proving network operators with a clear picture of actual network traffic. The solution can store and process terabytes of real-time network data, and automatically visualize all network flows and identities, making it extremely easy to search and pinpoint troubling network issues. The problematic messages and sequences can be easily extracted to tools like Codenomicon Defensics for reproduction and testing, or to open source tools like Wireshark for closer inspection.

The Codenomicon Network Analyzer is a collaborative solution: companies and organizations can use it to model actual network traffic, to troubleshoot networks and to debug any type of network communication from multiple locations. The collaborative framework also enables customers to invite third-parties to the collaboration environment to assist in troubleshooting.