Wednesday, March 17, 2010

China Mobile Reaches 460,000 Base Stations, 96% Fiber-fed

China Mobile now has over 460,000 base stations and a population coverage rate of 98%. Over 96% of China Mobile's base stations are now served by fiber. In 2009, China Mobile has completed the upgrading of its core network to be fully IP-based.

In 2009, China Mobile's 3G network was extended to include 238 cities across the country, with
a 70% coverage rate among prefecture-level cities.

China Mobile's total customer base at the end of 2009 reached 522 million, of which 65.03 million were net additions. Revenue from value-added business increased 16.0% over last year, a contribution of 29.1% to the Group's total operating revenue, thanks to service offerings such as SMS, Color Ring, MMS, Handset Internet Access and Mobile Paper. The company also cited growth in new wireless services, such as Wireless Music Club, Fetion, 12580 Info Service Line, 139 Mailbox and Mobile Gaming.

Future services in the China Mobile product pipeline include Mobile Video, Mobile Reading and Mobile

Financially, China Mobile's annual turnover reached RMB452.1 billion for 2009, up by 9.8% compared to a year earlier. EBITDA reached RMB229.0 billion, up by 5.9%.

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