Sunday, March 21, 2010

AppliedMicro Debuts 10G/40G OTN Framer/PHY

AppliedMicro introduced a 10G/40G Optical Transport Network (OTN) framer/PHY System-On-a-Chip (SoC) for Carrier Ethernet router and WDM transport systems.

The PQX is AppliedMicro's third generation of OTN framer device with integrated high speed PHYs and Fractional-N clock synthesizers. The PQX provides I/O bandwidth at 240 Gbps at high performance and maintains compliance to various standards such as SONET/SDH, XFP/SFP+, and SFI5.1/CFP. Support includes 10G FC Trans-code, 40 GE Trans-code, G.709 AMP and GMP mapping, ODU3e2 support, XFI/SFI, SFI5.1, XLAUI, OTL3.4, and STL256.4. These interfaces are instrumental in allowing multiple network protocols to converge and be transported over a common optical network. The PQX also includes Tri-FEC support (Reed-Solomon, G.975.1- I.4 and G.975.1-1.7) to ensure interoperability among multiple system OEMs and network operators.

The new PQX integrated framer/PHY device, which packs over 100 million gates of digital logic, is implemented in 40nm CMOS process, enabling to achieve low power while providing up to 3 times higher capacity than existing OTN devices. In Carrier Ethernet applications, PQX consumes a typical power of less than 1.5W/10G port.

"As the Carrier Ethernet and OTN markets show promising signs of growth, AppliedMicro introduces the industry's highest-density 10G/40G multi-port OTN device to enable the development of next-generation Router and WDM platforms with a chip that offers high levels of integration at a cost and power envelope for each 10G port that is almost half of the previous generation of devices," said Sandeep Gupta, General Manager of the Transport and Connectivity Business Unit at AppliedMicro.

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