Sunday, March 21, 2010

Anritsu Upgrades Handheld Analyzers for LTE

Anritsu introduced LTE options for its MS2712E and MS2713E Spectrum Master handheld spectrum analyzers. These allow field engineers and technicians to conduct RF, modulation, and Over-the-Air (OTA) measurements on 10 MHz LTE signals during the deployment, installation, and operation of LTE networks.

Anritsu said its handheld analyzers now enable users to accurately and quickly validate the RF quality and performance of LTE signals. It can also help field technicians troubleshoot RF problems associated with LTE signals. With the LTE modulation quality measurement option, Error Vector Magnitude (EVM), frequency error, and Control Channel power tests can be conducted. When the Spectrum Master analyzers are equipped with the OTA option, users can validate the over-the-air performance of the complete eNode-B system, as well as troubleshoot problems with the LTE signal. The OTA option can also be used to verify/validate LTE signal coverage with the instruments' scanner functionality.

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