Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Andrew Offers SmartBeam Base Station Tool

Andrew Solutions introduced a SmartBeam base station antenna tool that helps wireless operators achieve load balancing across a cell site or even a whole network cluster of 3G, LTE and WiMAX cell sites.

SmartBeam offers three levels of base station antenna pattern adjustments -- beam tilting, panning, and fanning -- which can be conducted from a central office via Andrew's ANMS (Antenna Network Management System).

When used in combination, the three pattern adjustments enable wireless operators to re-distribute capacity across a network cluster of sites based on changing traffic patterns. The company said this process yields a significant improvement in capacity efficiency while delaying or preventing the expensive addition of new cell sites or radios. SmartBeam antennas can also enhance network quality by providing the capability to deliver stronger signal strength, minimized interference, reduced number of dropped calls, and higher data rates.

Andrew's SmartBeam works by utilizing "Next Generation Actuators" installed under the antenna radome, which enable the three pattern adjustments. Remote electrical tilt BSAs currently deployed in many wireless networks essentially perform vertical beam tilting. SmartBeam, however, adds the horizontal panning and beamwidth fanning that make the next generation of network optimization capabilities truly possible. Beamwidth fanning can result in antenna patterns narrowed or broadened from 35 to 105 degrees. Andrew currently offers seven SmartBeam base station antenna models with one, two or three pattern adjustment capabilities.

Trials of SmartBeam antennas are underway.

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