Monday, March 15, 2010

Alcatel-Lucent to Leverage Intel Xeon Processors in ATCA Platforms

Alcatel-Lucent will use the new, six-core Intel Xeon processor 5600 series in a wide variety of future products. Alcatel-Lucent reported that the new processor boosts performance by a factor of 15 over single-core servers and a 40 percent performance improvement over the previous generation four-core Intel Xeon processer 5500 series. This new processor series also will provide a significantly improved performance/power dissipation, and by doing so can substantially reduce the carbon footprint of some of Alcatel-Lucent's products.

Alcatel-Lucent also reinforced its commitment to Advanced Telecommunications Computing Architecture (ATCA) technology as the foundation for its next-generation telecommunication and application platforms. v

"This announcement builds on our strong, ongoing commitment to ATCA as a key foundation for our efforts to provide high performance networks that offer exceptional cost- and energy-efficiency profiles," said Philippe Keryer, President of the Carrier Products Group at Alcatel-Lucent. "Through our early involvement with Intel in integrating the Intel Xeon processor 5600 series into our gear, Alcatel-Lucent's customers will benefit from the highest available performance for a standards-compliant computing platform and will enjoy reduced power demands and lower operating costs, high priorities for every service provider today."

a key requirement as the company continually drives reductions in power consumption throughout its portfolio.