Monday, March 22, 2010

Alcatel-Lucent Shows Multimedia Solutions for Unifying 3 Screens

Alcatel-Lucent unveiled a suite of Multimedia Solutions for Service Providers that unify the delivery of video, TV, and multimedia content to any connected device, be it a TV, PC or mobile phone.

Alcatel-Lucent's multimedia strategy enables seamless connections between the various multimedia delivery systems and the range of screen sizes being adopted by consumers. The company said its goal is to dramatically reduce the time, complexity and cost inherent in creating services for the various screens with live TV, video on-demand and network video recording.

Highlights of the announcement include:

  • The Multi-screen Video Solution, which ties together existing networks, allowing service providers extend their fixed IPTV or CableTV service to smartphones, PCs, tablets and a host of connected devices. This enables subscribers to begin watching a movie on a living room TV screen and then shifting the movie to a mobile device. A Smart Offloading capability enables service providers to pre-download content to subscriber's mobile device while at home or during off-peak hours. Other capabilities include content recommendations and targeted advertising.

  • The Multi-screen Foundation, which helps service providers consolidate media operations to create an open foundation for a broad set of targeted multimedia solutions, such as Multi-Screen Video. For instance, service providers could use the same network assets for IPTV and mobile offerings.

  • The Velocix Digital Media Delivery Platform, which consists of a series of appliances that service providers can deploy to support their own dedicated advanced digital media delivery capability, as an alternative to relying on shared content delivering networks, helping improve quality and reduce cost. Alcatel-Lucent acquired Velocix in 2009. The appliances are designed and optimized for content publishing, storage, delivery, routing and utility (management and analytics). Significantly, Alcatel-Lucent is offering a dynamic caching capability any type of player or operating system, regardless of the underlying network protocol.

Alcatel-Lucent also has expanded its Multi-screen Professional Services offerings, which will now support service providers end-to-end deployment needs for multi-screen services.

The company also noted a number of third parties partners in delivering multi-screen services. Alcatel-Lucent has formed strategic relationships with Harmonic and Isilon Systems. Harmonic offers solutions for content ingest, transformation and delivery. Isilon provides scale-out Network-Attached Storage (NAS) solutions.

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