Monday, March 1, 2010

Accenture Joins AT&T Business Exchange with Telepresence

Under a non-exclusive agreement, Accenture is gaining access to the AT&T Business Exchange, an inherent feature of the AT&T Telepresence Solution that allows multiple companies in different locations to connect to one another using Cisco TelePresence.

Accenture already has 50 rooms around the world equipped with telepresence. The locations, which Accenture refers to as "telepresence rooms," are widely used to facilitate meetings between employees in remote locations. With access to the AT&T Business Exchange, employees are now also able to link with parties outside of Accenture for business-to-business video conferencing.

More than 50 companies with hundreds of telepresence sites are now connecting with each other using the AT&T Business Exchange, which runs over the carrier's MPLS network.

The exchange also allows Accenture to establish direct connections with more than 1,000 other Cisco TelePresence meeting endpoints deployed worldwide for either intra-company or inter-company meetings.


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