Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Telstra's HSPA+ Dual Carrier Upgrade Supports 42 Mbps

Telstra has completed the upgrade of its "Next G" HSPA+ network with Dual Carrier technology, providing peak network downlink speeds of 42Mbps. Actual customer rates will be below the theoretical peak.

The first HSPA+ dual-carrier device will be a modem from Sierra Wireless. It goes on sale in Australia later this year and Telstra expects customers using the device will experience typical speeds in selected locations around double those seen currently with the fastest 3G devices on its network.

The upgrade of Telstra's network to HSPA+ Dual Carrier was achieved in conjunction with network partner Ericsson, with Qualcomm and Sierra Wireless joining the team to deliver a HSPA+ Dual Carrier chipset and device. This is the same team that delivered the world's first HSPA+ network and device at last year's Mobile World Congress.

"With HSPA+ Dual Carrier technology we expect to offer speeds that are comparable to the initial speeds we have seen reported from some fledgling 4G LTE networks," said Telstra CEO David Thodey . "Put simply HSPA+ Dual Carrier will give Australians the bandwidth to operate their wireless devices at consistently high speeds."

"While LTE remains on Telstra's technology roadmap there is a huge amount of potential remaining in HSPA+. We will take full advantage of this by again doubling our peak network speeds to 84Mbps through the implementation of HSPA+ Dual Carrier plus MIMO technology during 2011," Mr Thodey said.


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