Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Telefónica Selects NEC for Cloud Computing in Latin America

Telefónica has selected NEC as a strategic partner to promote Cloud Computing in Latin America. The deal will enhance NEC's position as a partner of Telefonica in the major service areas of applications. These include software as a service (SaaS), Desktop/Virtual PC as a service (access to PC over a network) and other on-demand services and applications ("everything as a service" or XaaS).

NEC said it will deploy platforms and applicationss necessary to launch Cloud Services in Latin America, including logistics, location, collaboration, virtual PC, CRM, ERP, health, games and media applications. Financial terms were not disclosed.

The new agreement follows the recent contract signed by NEC and Telefónica of Spain to launch applications and software as a service (marketed as "Aplicateca"). It is part of the activities of NEC's new European Competence Center for Cloud Computing and value added services, which was established in Madrid in early 2009.
At Mobile World Congress, NEC introduced Cloud Platform Suite for telecommunications carriers. Key aims of this suite include:

  • Transform switching centers into data centers. The package is designed to transform carrier switch centers into data centers without major renovation, thereby reducing cost and lead time. It includes support of a DC- 48V power supply and rack-style air-conditioning units that minimize the need for the additional installation of air conditioning.

  • Simplify configuration and establish low-cost operations. The package includes integrated operation software that automatically manages virtual environments as well as hardware resources. The software has a user friendly interface that enables carriers to create a virtualized system easily by clicking on pre-installed templates. This easy-to-use interface enables users to accommodate quick expansion and failure recovery of the system.

  • NEC also provides its predictive system, performance analysis software "MasterScope Invariant Analyzer." The software automatically identifies potential performance issues that are undetectable by conventional monitoring tools. It enables the carrier to run a quick failure analysis and manage trouble shooting of its cloud service.

  • Power efficiency. Cooling costs are reduced through a Hot Air Containment System (HACS) that encloses hot air emitted from racks into a narrow space and cools it down intensively. The total costs of the data center are reduced further by rack style servers, storage and network devices that conserve electricity.

NEC said its Cloud Platform Suite will also offer a Programmable Flow Switch and Controller, which will deliver efficiency and visualization to data center networks and be available by the end of March 2011.

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