Monday, February 15, 2010

Telefónica's Project Haiku Targets User Micro-services

is developing an open application engine that allows users to create micro-services on mobile devices without any prior knowledge of programming or specialized tools.

The Project Haiku concept, which was presented at last month's Mobile World Congress, allows users to add mobile capabilities such as localization, images, music, recordings, video, micro-payments, etc, to micro-services. The idea is to allow users to create and publish a small app that takes advantage of the carrier's network and pay processing capabilities.

Telefónica said Project Haiku will enhance real-time interaction between users and allow them to make micro-payments to each other. The movistar micro-service is being developed by Telefónica R+D, in collaboration with
Telefónica España.

Examples of possible micro-services include personal ads and ads for geolocalized professionals (e.g. an English teacher offering private classes in a specific area) or interactive online messaging (e.g. attaching comments to a photo published on a micro-service), all allowing micropayments to be made between users.

Telefónica will carry out a pilot test with movistar customers in 2010.http://http://