Thursday, February 25, 2010

South Korea Leads in FTTH/B Penetration

South Korea is the first country in the world where more than 50% of households are using FTTH/B connections, according to new figures from the FTTH Council. The top five global economies in terms of the total number of subscribers are Japan, China, South Korea, USA and Taiwan. These five countries represent more than 90% of all FTTH/B subscribers in the Global Ranking.

The latest update to the FTTH/B Global Ranking, jointly issued by the three FTTH Councils of Asia-Pacific, Europe and North America, was presented at last week's FTTH Conference in Lisbon.

"We welcome the latest update of the Global Ranking with mixed feelings", commented Karel Helsen, President of the FTTH Council Europe. "On one hand, we are happy to see European newcomers like Portugal, Bulgaria and Czech Republic in the Ranking, and of course France, one of the European G-20 states. On the other hand, the new G-20 Ranking shows that countries such as Germany and UK, and of course the European Union as a whole are still lagging behind. Although too slow, Europe is heading in the right direction and the FTTH Council Europe will pursue its efforts to accelerate FTTH deployment in Europe."


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