Monday, February 15, 2010

Sensory Extends its Pattern Matching Software for Security Applications

Sensory Networks, which specializes in pattern matching and acceleration software technology, has extended its "HyperScan" engine to support a new line of security applications including Data Loss Prevention (DLP) and data parsing for Security Information and Event Management (SIEM).

Sensory's HyperScan has been benchmarked delivering pattern matching/content inspection throughput performance of up to 73Gbps running on a dual-socket, quad-core (8-core) Intel Xeon5500 Processor Series platform and using an IPS signature set from a tier-1 equipment vendor. The goal is to adapt they HyperScan engine to new security applications.

HyperScan is a high-speed L4-L7 pattern matching software library that fully supports regular expressions and enables performance tuning for even the most unique pattern sets and largest databases. The product is intended for platforms such as appliances, routers, servers and switches.

"DLP and SIEM are among fastest growing segments of the information security market," said Sab Gosal, CEO of Sensory Networks. "As demand, and the level of sophistication, of DLP and SIEM-based applications continue to grow, so does the respective database of patterns that need to be scanned and processed without impacting performance."