Sunday, February 28, 2010

Radia Perlman Named Intel Fellow for Network and Security

Intel announced the appointment of Radia Perlman as an Intel Fellow, a position where he is responsible for ensuring Intel Labs' leadership in network and security.

Intel Fellows represent one of the highest levels of technical achievement within the company. They are selected for their technical leadership and outstanding contributions to the company and the industry.

Perlman was most recently with Sun Microsystems, where she was a Sun Fellow. Perlman is the inventor of many fundamental technology innovations in computer networking, including the spanning tree algorithm, which is at the heart of today's Ethernet; TRILL, an emerging standard for data center interconnection that can replace today's spanning tree Ethernet; and scalable and robust link state routing technology that is key to the operation of today's Internet.

Perlman has authored two networking textbooks and earned a Ph.D. from MIT in computer science. She holds approximately 100 patents in encryption, decryption and routing.


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