Sunday, February 14, 2010

Qualcomm Unveils Next Generation FLO-EV

Qualcomm unveiled FLO-EV, the next evolution of the "FLO" air interface for new deployments of mobile TV and other advanced broadcast mobile media services.

FLO-EV, which is intended primarily for international markets, is designed to help wireless operators lower the deployment costs for delivering multimedia content to mobile devices. The new spec features a variety of technical enhancements to the original FLO Rev. A air interface (TIA-1099), including a 3-5 dB improvement in performance with the same spectral efficiency.

Qualcomm said this link margin can translate into a 30-50 percent reduction in capital and operating costs to deploy a FLO-EV network. Moreover, the costs savings can be realized without negatively affecting channel change times or increasing power consumption on the mobile device, thereby preserving a high-quality user experience.

FLO-EV can increase the channel capacity of a FLO Rev. A network by 50 percent or more using the existing transmit sites with no increase in radiated power. Existing FLO Rev. A networks can be upgraded to FLO-EV as well.