Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Overture Adds 1588v2 Differential Timing to Optical Ethernet

Overture Networks has added 1588v2 differential timing to both its UTS4000 Ethernet Edge Platform and UTX8500 Pseudowire Gateway, enabling applications such as high-performance DS1 pseudowire over Ethernet. DS1 pseudowire can be used for mobile backhaul applications where latency, jitter and wander requirements are particularly stringent.

Overture Networks said its UTS4000 product family enables converged Ethernet services and up to 24 pseudowire DS1s over native Ethernet transport. It supports fine-grain CoS and SONET-quality DS1 transport over Gigabit Ethernet or any other native Ethernet transport. The UTS4000 series, which is already MEF18 certified in adaptive mode, now offers the additional option of integrated 1588v2 differential mode timing. Specifically, the UTS 4000 can be paired with the Overture Networks UTX8500 PWE gateway to allow carriers to enable a 1588v2 solution without the cost and complexity of deploying separate 1588v2 timing servers. The UTX8500 PWE gateway supports 1,000 protected DS1s in a completely redundant system. The UTX8500 leverages existing BITS or SONET line timing to deliver an integrated 1588v2 timing master server which supports up to 500 remotes.