Saturday, February 13, 2010

Orange Rolls Out SMS and MMS Advertising

Orange will begin rolling out interactive SMS and MMS advertising across its European footprint in 2010.

The carrier will make all its interactive mobile advertising strictly "opt-in" for customer. The user will be offered localized, relevant rewards to partcipate, such as exclusive content, film and games reviews, celebrity gossip, free texts, prizes and other benefits like up-to-date sports information. The rollout is already underway in the UK. It will now be extended to other markets.

"Orange is at the forefront of giving advertisers exactly what they need - direct, targeted dialogue with customers. Supported by our global ad-sales network and combined with our unique multi-screen reach, our new mobile ad-models go beyond display advertising to create more value for advertisers, create a richer experience for customers and maximise the use of our networks with clever innovation," stated Paul Francois Fournier, Executive vice president in charge of audience and advertising.