Sunday, February 21, 2010

NTT Com to Offer Cloud-based PC Security Services

NTT Communications (NTT Com) is preparing launch a cloud-based service on April 1 for the total security management of PCs and other IT assets on an integrated, low-cost basis.

The new Biz Security PC Management service will be NTT Com's latest offering under its cloud-based "BizCITY" concept of providing secure access to enterprise services from anyplace at anytime.

One of the primary causes of information leaks is that security measures, such as applying patches and enforcing data exportation restrictions, are difficult to fully implement. To ensure total security and asset management for all licensed hardware and software, systems administrators must spend a great deal of time and money installing, operating and managing different systems and services. In the case of overseas offices of multinational companies, they also must ensure that their security policies are the same as those used in the home office.

NTT Com said its new cloud-based service will help overcome these problems by conveniently integrating security and asset management features. Total security for each device includes patch management, restrictions on data export or adding new applications, and exhaustive measures for preventing information leaks or virus infections. The service generates lists of hardware requiring specific patches, enables one-time patching of devices, and creates operation logs. Unregistered PCs can be detected and reported (optional service) as long as they are connected to the internal network. The service also helps to prevent software license violations and overpayment of licensing fees. Optional services include the management of PC power settings to lower a company's environmental footprint, and the automated distribution of files, such as applications and user-specified files.

NTT Com plans to make the service compatible with smartphones in the future.

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