Saturday, February 13, 2010

NSN Pushes HSPA+ to 112 Mbps

Nokia Siemens Networks is demonstrating an HSPA+ data call with a peak throughput of 112 Mbps. The demonstration at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona uses four Flexi Multiradio Base Station radio transceivers, or "carriers", simultaneously for one data connection. The terminals are supplied by Qualcomm. A commercial version is expected by 2011.

Nokia Siemens Networks said multi-carrier technology enables better speeds, better use of base station resources, and higher spectrum efficiency. The four-carrier technology will be standardized in 3GPP Release 10. A base station feature that uses two carriers per data connection will be available from Nokia Siemens Networks already in the first half of this year.

Nokia Siemens Networks' Flexi Base Stations and radio network controller (RNC) can support four-carrier HSPA with a simple software upgrade. An HSPA+ network can theoretically support speeds of 28 Mbps or 42 Mbps with a single 5 MHz carrier.