Sunday, February 14, 2010

Nokia Siemens Networks Debuts ATCA-based Open Multimedia Gateway

Nokia Siemens Networks introduced an ATCA-based Open Multimedia Gateway that uses off-the-shelf hardware to handle data and call traffic for IP-based and legacy networks. The company calculates that compared to current solutions based on proprietary hardware, the Open Multimedia Gateway cuts power consumption by almost 40 percent. The new gateway also delivers up to four times more capacity per footprint compared to legacy platforms, thus requires less floor space.

"Our aim is to decouple hardware and software, making our network applications more hardware independent. Decoupling creates a more open environment that gives service providers greater flexibility to meet their hardware requirements and reduce their operational costs," stated Michael Clever, head of voice and IP transformation at Nokia Siemens Networks.

In a unique software design, the Nokia Siemens Networks' gateway software can be used in either legacy hardware or the new ATCA-based Open Multimedia Gateway. This means that service providers can benefit from having the same software running on multiple hardware options.

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