Sunday, February 28, 2010

MRV's LambdaDriver WDM Surpasses Verizon's TEEER Energy Standard

MRV's LambdaDriver WDM optical transport system has surpassed the Telecommunications Equipment Energy Efficiency Ratings (TEEER) standard for energy efficient optical networking. The TEEER standard, developed by Verizon, provides a score for products that measures the direct relationship between the system's throughput capacity and its power consumption, weighted for different operation modes. Verizon's calculated TEEER value represents the system energy efficiency rating on a scale from one (least efficient) to 10 (most efficient).

MRV said a measured TEEER for optical or video transport equipment should be better than 7.54. In certain configurations, MRV's LambdaDriver platform achieved a score of 9.02, showing the modular WDM system to be a highly energy efficient solution for carriers. The LambdaDriver is the second MRV product to achieve high ratings under the TEEER rating system, following the Fiber Driver optical multi-service platform.

MRV's LambdaDriver is designed for enterprise access, metropolitan carrier and long haul transport networks. The LambdaDriver is a multi-functional, compact, modular WDM system that supports both DWDM and CWDM. LambdaDriver also serves as a packet optical transport system by integrating Carrier Ethernet connection-oriented services and reconfigurable OADM for automated optical mesh topologies with wavelength-level switching. The LambdaDriver series can support data rates from 8 Mbps up to 40 Gbps with future upgrades to 100 Gbps.

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