Sunday, February 14, 2010

Motorola Shows 2nd Generation LTE eNodeB

Motorola introduced its newest and highest capacity LTE solution, the WBR 700 Series LTE eNodeB.

The WBR 700 Series, which is Motorola's 4th generation orthogonal frequency division multiplexing (OFDM) solution and its 2nd generation LTE platform, is a compact (1U), energy efficient eNodeB able to accommodate 3GPP Release 9 and 10 based upon the current specification. It will support FDD as well as TD-LTE solutions in a wide variety of frequencies from 700MHz to 2.6GHz.

Motorola said its WBR 700 boasts an LTE baseband that has up to four times the capacity of the average LTE baseband currently on the market, enabling the deployment of multiple antenna schemes that support higher throughput to deliver superior mobile broadband experiences. For example, Motorola's initial performance tests show the WBR 700 Series in a 4TxX8Rx TD-LTE configuration will offer up to 200 percent higher throughput compared to an average 2TxX2Rx LTE eNodeB.

The higher capacity will enable operators to deploy multiple LTE carriers at different frequencies.

Motorola also noted that its WBR 700 features the tight integration of its proprietary intelligent scheduler, the master controller of the radio access network that prioritizes voice and data traffic to further improve sector throughput and performance at the edge of a cell.

The WBR 700 Series, scheduled to be available at the end of Q2 this year.

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