Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Lockheed Martin Awarded $31 Million for National Cyber Range

Lockheed Martin was awarded a $30.8 million contract for Phase II of the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) National Cyber Range (NCR) program.

DARPA's NCR is part of the Comprehensive National Cybersecurity Initiative, a major government-wide effort to increase the nation's defenses against electronic attack. In Phase I, DARPA and its industry team created initial conceptual designs, concepts of operation, and detailed engineering and system demonstration plans. In Phase II, DARPA will work with Lockheed Martin and the Johns Hopkins University - Applied Physics Laboratory to build and evaluate prototype ranges and their corresponding technology. The NCR will support large-scale cyber testing, providing fully automated range management and test management suites to assess and validate leap-ahead cyber research technologies and systems, and to help DARPA identify new research directions.

  • In November 2009, Lockheed Martin IS&GS opened a NexGen Cyber Innovation and Technology Center in Gaithersburg, Maryland designed to preserve and protect Lockheed Martin customer missions and address the greater cyber security challenges worldwide. The unique 25,000 square foot center leverages existing Lockheed Martin and partner capabilities in cyber security. It features seven collaboration areas, reconfigurable spaces, global cyber range, cloud computing platforms, green IT datacenter, telepresence and high definition video teleconferencing and global site connectivity.

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