Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Lantiq Expands DECT and CAT-iq Silicon Products

Lantiq announced major additions to its DECT/CAT-iq portfolio, including the introduction of an end-to-end CAT-iq 2.0 home gateway and handset system, as well as Korean DECT gateway and handset silicon products.

Lantiq said the introduction of the first CAT-iq 2.0-capable handsets and home gateways is a major milestone for carriers and vendors alike. It signals the official introduction of wideband-capable CAT-iq systems. This is the inflexion point at which wideband has a chance to attain the necessary critical mass of users to be a true success.

Lantiq's range of CPE home gateway devices all contain embedded DECT/CAT-iq functionality.

The company is working to integrate the home gateway and DECT. This will include the end-to-end DSL home gateway with both the CAT-iq base station and handset.

Lantiq is also expanding its regional cordless telephony coverage with the introduction of COSIC products for the Korean cordless VoIP market. As an incumbent supplier to Korean Telecom, Lantiq's product portfolio will now include gateway and handset solutions for applications similar to CAT-iq for the Korean market.