Sunday, February 21, 2010

KEYMILE Adds Optical Ethernet Card

KEYMILE introduced a 24-port FTTH Ethernet card for its multi-service access system MileGate. Per rack, the card will allow connection of up to 1,920 households by optical fiber. The new card also enables an additional cable TV signal can be transmitted on each port at the same time as IP data traffic. This enables FTTH operators to offer conventional TV without having to deploy IPTV.

In a typical FTTH environment, the network operator connects homes via a single fibre optic connection directly to a port. The card transmits the Ethernet/IP signal in both directions at different wavelengths. The cable TV signal is added to the Ethernet/IP signal via a third wavelength with a wavelength multiplexer (an RF overlay for CATV) which is integrated on the card. When it reaches the subscriber, the CPE separates the Ethernet and cable TV signal from one another. The cable TV signal is changed into an electrical TV signal and fed into the existing co-axial cables. The Ethernet signal is completed on the CPE and residential customers can then connect their computers for Internet access, or other IP-based terminal equipment (for example SIP telephones, set-top boxes).

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