Monday, February 1, 2010

Fraunhofer IIS Debuts Audio Communication Engine for LTE

Fraunhofer IIS is introducing its new Audio Communication Engine for LTE-A cellular networks, claiming CD-quality audio over mobile. The company said its codec makes voices sound "as clear and natural as if talking to someone in the same room." In addition, rich media content such as music and sounds will be reproduced at their original quality as well.

The Fraunhofer Audio Communication Engine combines several elements that may be incorporated in future 4G handsets to ensure highest possible communication quality. First, the specifically designed MPEG audio communications codec "AAC Enhanced Low Delay" ensures CD quality audio at very low coding delays and bit rates. Second, robust, multi-channel echo control software reliably removes echoes, providing hands-free convenience and complete freedom to move around in a room. Finally, a specially matched IP streaming stack and error concealment tools allow for high-quality audio even under adverse network conditions.

Fraunhofer will demonstrate the technology at this month's Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. An office setting will be connected to a car mock-up using, using an LTE-A demonstration network provided by Fraunhofer HHI, and the Fraunhofer Audio Communication Engine.

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