Monday, February 1, 2010

Cyan Launches CyAlliance Program for Wireless Backhaul

Cyan, a start-up offering multi-layer transport platforms, has launched a multi-vendor partnership program to help service providers maximize wireless backhaul opportunities.

Cyan's recently launched multi-layer transport platforms modularly combine packet, TDM and optical add / drop multiplexer, cross-connect and transport functionality in highly integrated platforms supporting over 100 Gbps per slot. The systems can be configured as basic 10G Ethernet, SONET or SDH edge aggregation and add/drop multiplexer systems or modularly scaled when and where needed to enable DWDM with highly advanced multi-layer packet, TDM and optical switching, aggregation and multiplexing both within and between technologies and network layers for application across the network.

The company's new CyAlliance includes ANDA Networks, Dragonwave, Hatteras Networks and Overture Networks. The alliance provides interoperability assurance through verification testing, rapid problem resolution through pre-defined escalation processes, and collaboration on advanced architectural considerations such as end to end packet synchronization in multi-vendor environments.

Cyan said that while CyAlliance's initial focus is aligned toward wireless backhaul, the program and its partners will expand to focus on a much broader range of evolving services and technologies.