Thursday, February 25, 2010

Crossbeam's X-Series Delivers 18 Million PPS Firewall for Mobile Operators

Crossbeam Systems disclosed new performance testing data that shows its X-Series security platform delivers 18 million packet per second firewall security for smartphone traffic typically carried by mobile operators.

Crossbeam stress tested the Check Point R70 Security Gateway firewall running on a fully loaded X-Series using BreakingPoint Elite, a cyber simulation product for verifying the resiliency of network and security equipment.

The tests simulated the heavy traffic environment of a mobile operator, using HTTP traffic and 96-byte packets, the typical type and size generated by smartphones. Crossbeam said the data confirmed that the X-Series can process 18 million packets per second under the worst traffic conditions, providing full firewall protection to secure millions of simultaneous connections.

"We're entering the age of mobile broadband, where smartphones and other wireless devices offer affordable, high-speed technology for surfing the Web and downloading video. Demand will only increase," said Nikos Koutsoukos, director of product management at Crossbeam. "Mobile operators need to think in terms of real-world conditions, not just performance claims in white papers and data sheets. Crossbeam stands up to the most rigorous tests, and we continue to push the envelope to help customers achieve real-world, high-performance security."

Crossbeam's X-Series security platform virtualizes best-in-class, third-party security applications on a highly scalable, carrier-class chassis.