Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Cablevision to Offer Home PC-to-TV Media Relay Service

Cablevision, which serves more than 3 million New York homes, unveiled a uniqe PC-to-TV Media Relay service that will allow its digital cable customers to relay whatever information or images currently appear on their computer screen to their television in real-time, without any additional equipment in the home, using only the company's advanced fiber-rich network.

The service works by transmitting information on a PC screen in real-time through Cablevision's network facilities and then back to the home via a dedicated channel viewable only by that customer.

Cablevision said its service will completely eliminate the need to change input settings on the TV, as is the case with most in-home networking alternatives, or to purchase and install expensive additional equipment. A one-time software download to the computer will enable the PC to TV Media Relay service. In addition, the technology that enables PC to TV Media Relay may also be extended to other consumer devices in the home including handheld devices running applications and connected to in-home wireless networks. PC to TV Media Relay for Mac is also in development. A technical trial is slated by June.

Pricing was not disclosed.