Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Bytemobile: 10% of Mobile Users Generate 85% of Traffic

A minority of mobile data users consume the majority of network bandwidth -- with 10% generating approximately 85% of total traffic, according to a new 1Q 2010 Global Metrics Report from Bytemobile.

The report anonymously sources the aggregate data traffic in a global cross-section of Bytemobile customers' wireless networks and provides insight into the current state of the mobile ecosystem.

Bytemobile said an analysis of various 3G networks indicates that the data traffic mix is consistent across geographies -- with video as the dominant form of traffic. Other key data from the report:

  • Video is the dominant form of laptop-generated wireless traffic. However, automatic software updates consume 10% of the total laptop-generated volume in networks.

  • Consistent with 4Q 2009, internet videos average approximately five minutes in length, but users watch them for an average of less than 60 seconds.

  • Generally, the majority of mobile videos are downloaded by more than one user, with 36% of videos downloaded up to 100 times and 6% of videos downloaded 1,000 times or more.


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