Sunday, February 28, 2010

Bridgewater Cites Major European Customer for HSPA Policy Control

Bridgewater Systems that a European property of a major global mobile operator group has selected its Policy Controller (PCRF) to meet new EU mobile data roaming legislation that has just come into effect. Specifically, this European operator (name withheld) has selected its Policy Controller for its HSPA network to prevent mobile bill shock, comply with EU data roaming regulations, and enable new services including:

  • Setting limits and notifications while roaming. Volume-based metering is used to track data usage, set limits, and trigger notifications. When a usage threshold is reached, subscribers are notified by SMS or email and redirected to a payment portal where they can opt for a temporary bandwidth boost, a service extension, or other options.

  • Flexible quota management based on subscriber type - for example EU, non-EU and domestic subscribers.

  • Applying "Smart Caps" to ensure fair usage. Smart Caps are precise controls that adjust bandwidth levels based on real-time factors such as the subscriber's bandwidth usage during a mobile data session, roaming status, and level of network congestion.


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