Monday, January 11, 2010

Xilinx Releases Biggest, Highest Performance FPGA

Xilinx began the first shipments of its new Virtex-6 LX760 device, the largest FPGA to date. The device offers more than two and a half times the density of the largest Virtex-5 device and is targeted at applications that require intensive computational performance and high logic density. For instance, the single-FPGA could be used to prototype or emulate a greater range of ASIC designs than ever before. In addition to high logic capacity, the LX760 device offers a higher I/O count than competing FPGAs to simplify the challenge of partitioning a large ASIC netlist across multiple FPGAs.

"Shipping the largest FPGA in the market demonstrates Xilinx's ability to deliver leading edge architectures at the 40nm process technology node," said Xilinx Senior Director of Marketing Patrick Dorsey. "As the industry's leading FPGA product, each succeeding family of Virtex FPGAs enables our customers to more rapidly bring new applications to market by delivering new levels of capacity and performance."


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