Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Vodafone Qatar Installs Alcatel-Lucent's Solar/Wind Mobile Base Station

Vodafone Qatar has deployed a "green" mobile base station from Alcatel-Lucent that integrates solar and wind energy.

The solution is provided by Alcatel-Lucent's Alternative Energy Program. The wind turbine at the Qatar site has been mounted at the top of the existing mast to leverage higher winds. The energy controller brings intelligent control to simultaneously draw power from both the photovoltaic panels and wind turbine, based on solar intensity and wind speed, making the most -- at every second -- of the two sources' fluctuating availability. The system also carefully monitors battery charging cycles and diesel generator maintenance runs so as to maximize their lifespan. A full monitoring system enables real-time tracking of all weather and energy parameters; a key component to enabling large scale deployments.

This initiative is part of a wider green technology program led by Vodafone Group to deploy green energy sources in all of its affiliates worldwide.

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